Custom Wiring Harnesses

Business-to-Business (B2B) Manufacturing
Custom Wiring Harnesses?and?Cable Assemblies?are Y.C.’s specialty.? Our wiring harnesses have been used in a variety of applications and the most demanding environments.? With more than 30 years of experience as a cable assembly & wire harness manufacturer, Y.C. Cable has been offering a wide range of custom wiring harnesses for many industries – automotive, medical, energy, networking & communications, and industrial.?? At Y.C. Cable, we can delivery wire harness assembly products using custom-made multi-core cords that give the client the exact number type and size of the cores to fit their requirements.?
The ability for manufacturing Custom Wiring Harnesses:
– Stripping, Crimping, Labeling, and Tie-wrapping
– Offering custom potting fixtures for harness environment

– Custom braiding equipment creates wire harnesses
– Embed a logo or text on the harnesses
– Combat environmental hazards or prevent corrosion with customized materials
– Custom flying lead wiring harnesses available?
Y.C. Cable is a?UL & ISO?certified wire harness manufacturer and also a member of the and??you can trust.
custom wiring harness assembly

Features of Y.C. Cable

> Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers
> High Mix & Low Volume
> Quick-Turn Prototype Cable Assemblies?
> UL & ISO Certified Factor
> Custom Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> 24hrs Quick Quote
> 100% Price & Quality Guarantee
> Contract Manufacturer Expert
> Custom Cable Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> Reverse Engineering?
> Custom Tooling Cable Assembly
> Silicon Valley Trusted Company
> Custom Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Company
> Short Lead Time & Fast Shipment?
> 30 Years of Experience
> Made in USA & China
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