Custom USB-C Cable

Custom USB-C Cable manufacturer, Y.C. CABLE, is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production and development of custom made USB-C cable, Apple MFi Certified Lighting cable, Micro USB cable, Audio cable and Type-C series chargers and accessories.
Y.C. CABLE was established in 1985.  As a professional USB C cable manufacturer, we provide customers with competitive prices, technical support and high-quality cables. The USB Type-C Cable can be customized in length, connector, material, current, logo printing, color and packaging. Custom USB-C cable can be made of high quality and environmentally friendly tinned copper core wire, aluminum foil, aluminum and nylon braided wire.  We make custom cables for USB-C, USB2.0, 3.0, 1394 FireWire & Ethernet. Our custom designed tools are capable of making any USB-C cable you need. 
USB-C to Lightning cable are available at Y。C。 Cable。

Custom USB-C to Lightning Cable

Apple MFi Certified USB C Cable - locker
USB C to apple mfi lightning cable

Custom USB-C Adapter

usb c adapters
Type C to multi-port adapter
Type C to Multi-Port Adapter
USB c multi port and hub
The USB 3.0 standard is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and provides transfer speeds of up to 4.8GB per second when connected to compatible USB 3.0 devices. USB 3.0 cables are backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. Transfer speed is optimized by providing multiple lanes to transmit and receive data.
Y.C. Cable has been committed to the engineering design and manufacture of customized solutions for USB-C cables. We have the most advanced testing and manufacturing facilities and a professional R&D team. Our team of engineers always works together with the manufacturing team to provide you with high-quality USB-C cables from prototype to production.
Whether it is a USB cable or a USB Type-C MFi Lightning Cable, Y。C。 CABLE is your one-stop total solution factory, you can trust and complete custom USB-C cables。
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