Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

ISO 13485- 2016 Certified

Y.C. Cable?is an ISO 13485 certified medical device cable assembly manufacturer. We offers custom medical cable assemblies, cable extrusion, lead wire, instrumentation cable, laboratory cable assemblies, and medical equipment wiring harness.? We offer medical device manufacturers a complete line of custom medical cable and harness assemblies and interconnect solutions. We’ve developed each a method experience and material specific provides chain to support this distinctive market. Y.C. Cable is a UL & ISO certified manufacturer. Besides, we are also the member of the ?and?

We welcome you to contact our sales or?engineering team to discuss the particular needs of your application.?

OEM Medical Cable Assemblies are available.? Click here get quote.?

custom Medical cable assembly for Micro-Surgical Equipment
Custom Medical Cable for?Robotic Micro-Surgical Equipment
  • World-Class Producing Facilities
  • High Mix, Low Volume
  • Quick-Turn Prototyping
  • Prime Quality & Lower Prices

Trust By The Best?

Custom medical cable with 3 wires
7 medical devices cable assemblies
custom medical cable assembly with 2 connectors

No order is too big!?

No order is too small!?

No order is too big!?

No order is too small!?

YC Cable provides each custom high quality and cost-efficient producing techniques to make sure you get the correct resolution right time, whether domestic short-term or off-shore giant volume production.?

custom medical cable device

Quality Certifications

ISO 9001,? ?ISO 14001,? ?ISO 13485, TS 16949,? IPC 620,? OHSAS 18001

Features of Y.C. Cable

> Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers
> High Mix & Low Volume
> Quick-Turn Prototype?
> UL & ISO Certified Factory
> Custom Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> 24hrs Quick Quote
> 100% Price & Quality Guarantee
> Contract Manufacturer Expert
> Custom Cable Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> Reverse Engineering?
> Custom Tooling Cable Assembly
> Silicon Valley Trusted Company
> Custom Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Company
> Short Lead Time & Fast Shipment?
> 30 Years of Experience
> Made in USA & China
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