Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly is an important part of interconnecting different components, systems, and devices in most industries and applications. Cable Assembly is a group of wires or cables that are placed together in a group to create a unit.  They are usually used to transmit information signals or power.  As a custom cables supplier, Y.C. Cable provides a variety of custom cables for different types of cable construction, customization, length, size, and color. 
Cable Assemblies, also known as Cable Harnesses, are  designed for environmental reasons。 Therefore, before installing, you need to consider the size of the area and the environmental factors they may encounter。 That’s why they are usually made of heavy materials, such as shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, vinyl or thermoplastic rubber。
cable assembly with connectors
Y.C. Cable is well-known for making?custom cable assembly &?wire harness assembly?in the US and China.??For more than 30 years, we have supplied a variety of custom cable & wire harness assemblies to meet the most unique challenges of the automotive, communications, robotic, industrial, and medical industries.? We are the most reliable custom cable manufacturers you can trust.? ?With the rapid development of world technology, we are witnessing new things every day.? The main focus of today’s technological world is to provide efficient and space-saving designs.? This is where the cable assembly enters. The main purpose of a cable assembly is to accommodate complex installations into a simpler structure, thereby saving space.
Y.C. Cable is a?UL & ISO?certified cable & wire harness manufacturer and we are also the members of the??and?.? Y.C. Cable provides state-of-the-art technical support services to help our customers conduct custom product consulting, design, and cost reduction analysis.??
In addition, Y.C. Cable provides support for?engineering, prototyping, electronic assembly, and many other services. Most importantly, if your demand is high, we will also provide offshore cable assembly manufacturing services in our largest factory in China.
Custom Cable Assemblies?are available for:?
  • Custom Flexible Cables?
  • Custom Flat Flex Cables
  • Custom High Voltage Cables?
  • Custom Solar Panel Cables?
  • Custom USB Type C Cables
  • Custom PSU Cables
  • Custom Sleeved PSU Cables
  • Custom Cable Sleeving
  • Custom Ribbon Cables
  • Custom Power Cables
  • Custom Battery Cables
  • Custom PC Cables 
  • Custom SATA Data Cables
  • And more…
In a hurry? Contact any of our local support operations for immediate assistance. We have dedicated?quick turn?manufacturing?procedures specifically for rush orders in addition to prototypes and volume manufacturing requirements

Features of Y.C. Cable

> Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers
> High Mix & Low Volume
> Quick-Turn Prototype?
> UL & ISO Certified Factory

> Custom Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> 24hrs Quick Quote
> 100% Price & Quality Guarantee
> Contract Manufacturer Expert

> Custom Cable Harness Assembly Manufacturers
> Reverse Engineering?
> Custom Tooling Cable Assembly
> Silicon Valley Trusted Company

> Custom Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Company
> Short Lead Time & Fast Shipment?
> 30 Years of Experience
> Made in USA & China

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