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The most common standards for Ethernet cables are Cat5e and Cat6. Cat6 cables allow for 10 Gigabit speeds, unlike Cat5e’s maximum of 1 Gigabit. However, the 10 Gigabit speeds for Cat6 are only for a distance of 180ft. Both cables can be run for 328ft with a speed of 1Gb/s. Cat6 also allows for two-way communication for each pair of wires, which leads to faster-perceived speed.? While Cat6 is newer and faster, Cat5e may do the job just as well. If your budget is limited, Cat5e is usually sufficient; 1Gb/s is usually fast enough for most networks. However, upgrading to Cat6 can be worthwhile for the sake of future-proofing or if you move a lot of data through your intranet. Ultimately, assess the needs of your network and make your choice from there.??We are honored to be a partner with major retailers under the brand?
cat 6 bulk cables
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